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All we need is love

Posted: Tuesday, Feb 7th, 2017

Summer Cottage features Valentine’s Day merchandise

MORRO BAY — “All you need is love... dah, ta, dah, ta, dah... all you need is love...” Well we need it, but do we know what it is?

We talk about love, we sing about love, but what is love really? The word love is used indiscriminately by most of us every day. We “love” the Central Coast. We “love” barbecue. We “love” the latest film. We” love” our friends. We “love” causes. We “love” life. We “love” the Lord.

Most people when they hear the word love think of love between persons, usually on a one to one basis. Combined with a healthy dose of lust it is what contributes to the continuation of the species. However, there is a lot more to love than that.

Love has been studied and explained by societies and philosophers for thousands of years. Different words have been attached to it, like eros, agape, and philia. Religions emphasize selfless love for humanity. Psychologists separate love into three components of intimacy, commitment, and passion. We can divide it into two categories, impersonal love, and interpersonal love. That burger you loved the other day falls into the impersonal category. Love between human beings is interpersonal love. With all these different components involved it makes love a very difficult word to describe.

Perhaps a better way to understand love is to figure out what it isn’t. Love is not like. It is said to be the opposite of hate. And love is not lust. However, love is generally referred to as an experience of feelings that one person feels for another. What could be better than that?

Sometimes we say we love someone and other times we say we are in love with someone. Is there a difference? When we are in love we feel a certain unity with our loved person that involves our mind, heart, soul, and body. It is probably the most potent feeling anyone can have. It makes a couple one with each other, one with the earth, one with the universe, and one with God.

We celebrate love every year on February 14th, Valentine’s Day. This is a great day to let the people in your life know about the love you feel for them. It’s a great day to show love for those less fortunate than you. It’s a great day to love our animal companions, and a great day to love the earth. It is even a great day to love our enemies! Wow, what a concept!

Here’s a suggestion. Get on down to Main Street and stop in at Summer Cottage. They’ve put up all kinds of beautiful Valentine cards and merchandise. Buy a card or a gift for someone you love. Maybe get a card for a neighbor who lives alone, or one for your boss, or your pastor, or your friendly banker or grocer. And buy an extra one and when you are out and about that day, pick out someone on the street, and give them that card. I guarantee you’ll feel something wonderful if you do. I think it’s called “love.”

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